if you don’t want to go to fist city

i received these awesome fingerless gloves for christmas from my mother and i wear them all the time. recently, i’ve become quite enamored with knuckle tattoos. i blame it partially on my friend sarah, who introduced me to the game “secret knucks.” ideally, you play this game with at least four people. you think of four letter words, and you write them on the knuckles of one hand of both of the people next to you. you are not allowed to look at the individual words. rather, there is a big reveal once everyone has their knuckles “tattooed” and it’s time for show and tell. the potential for hilarity is high, namely because two different people will choose two different words and sometimes, when they go together, you will bust a gut laughing. here are some of my favourites:

my first time playing secret knucks, i end up with: robo bunz, complete with “tattoo font.”

for a person who quite likes to dress fancy pants, “holy suit” is deliciously apropos.

plsr punk

during my belated birthday party, sarah ended up with PLSR PUNK. we think PLSR is supposed to mean pleasure. points for creativity?

iris ended up with jack guru. guru is not your average four letter word!

so after we played this game when my friend iris was visiting, we talked about crafting times. since i’m not a knitter but am learning to cross stitch and embroider, iris suggested this wonderful project: embroidering secret knuckle tattoos on my fingerless gloves. consider it done.

iris did the “fist” and i took care of “city.” this font was the inspiration.

and of course in action outdoors:

(click for closeup if you’d like)

not gonna lie: i feel pretty badass when i wear these. sometimes i kind of wish i had picked something bilingual because it’s a bit hard to explain here in québec city. so why fist city? (and not robo bunz? or holy suit? or love mitts?) well, let loretta lynn tell you why:

don’t you go thinkin’ that’s the only loretta lynn song worth checking out. here are some more of my favourites.

the pill (SERIOUSLY amazing)

one’s on the way (shout out to women’s libbers not doing enough for working class moms!)

bargain basement dress

get what ‘cha got and go

harper valley p.t.a.

happy winter crafting times,



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10 responses to “if you don’t want to go to fist city

  1. Harper Valley PTA is one of my earliest favorite song memories and stills seriously amazing.

  2. OMG I haven’t heard harper valley pta in so long.
    And I need Loretta’s gold sequin dress SO BAD.
    Yr knucks look so good! I love collaborating on crafty projects.

    And wordpress! Looks awesome.


  3. I finally know what to do for my birthday party in three weeks.. SECRET KNUCKLES. Might also be fun in Dutch? I don’t know. First Dutch four letter words that come to mind.. Boom (tree). And. Kant (lace).

    Still, tree lace would be much better.

  4. These gloves are truly clever. I have a future son-in-law who makes his living as a tat artist and I think you have given me a gift idea!

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  6. Karine

    Love the new website and a great show, perhaps for later, but short words in French are not that common!

  7. Calumnia

    I have no idea how to translate that.


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