hairy pits club

a young olive skinned brunette woman lounging in a bathing suit on a rooftop. she has her arms slightly raised to reveal dark hairy armpits.

let’s keep this short and sweet – i submitted this self-portrait i took last summer to hairy pits club, and now all my internet friends are making me feel like a dreamboat. i decided to share it here, as well, with the original caption:

  • least favourite thing about the summer: being harrassed/cat-called by douchebags.
  • best thing about the summer: casually flashing my hairy pits so those douchebags leave me alone.



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11 responses to “hairy pits club

  1. illusclaire

    Your pit-posts are making me braver.

  2. You rock. I wish I’d pull it off, but I’m still too self-conscious, although in my head, I just know that for me, there is no good reason to keep shaving. D:

  3. I love this. Pit pride!

  4. You are stunning! Thanks for sharing a link to my post :]

  5. saw that you subscribe to my blog and came to check out yours…now i have such a crush on you! where did you find that swimsuit?

    • aw man it’s totally mutual! i can’t believe someone combined so many things i love into one blog – cheesy pop music, karaoke, gluten free and vegan cooking. you’re fun.

  6. I just found this blog today, and this post has made my entire week. I love it. Never stop writing.

  7. Sausages

    Well done, wonderful and sexy -keep up the good work!

  8. jeff

    i myself love your photo and find it very sexy
    women that have body hair are extremely hot . and i wish more women were like this. shaved women and bald pussy is disgusting

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