reader survey results are in: winner!

to say i was overwhelmed by the responses i received in my readership survey would be an understatement. i am consistently blown away by the fact that people take the time to read what i have to say and respond thoughtfully, but to have you guys reflect and give me productive, critical, thoughtful feedback? i am just beyond words.

in short, thank you! 


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i’ve contacted you, and let me know what you want as a prize! congrats!

if you’re interested in the results of the survey, let me know, and i can share some of the nearly 100 survey results here.

what the survey helped most with was refocusing what my mission is here at à l’allure garçonniere. the resounding criticism is that i do not have enough regular content, and no schedule for my posts. for the past two years i’ve just kind of written when i found the time, posted when i found the time. that’s going to change. let me know what you think about this new format idea:

  1. AIM FOR ONE ARTICLE A MONTH: on the 15th of every month, i’m going to try to post one article. that way readers who don’t subscribe will always know to expect a new post mid-month. it will also help me set stricter deadlines for myself. if i’m really swamped that month, i can also just do a short post. but i want to commit to posting something interesting and critical at least once a month around the 15th.
  2. LINKS TO OTHER GREAT ARTICLES: i’ve tried to do that a bit with the “currently” posts, sharing what books, people, films, music are currently inspiring me. instead i will try to focus solely on other. i can always share what books, films, other non-explicitly feminist/fashion related things. if i can’t take the time to write my thoughts on a current event and feel like it would be irrelevant by the time i got to it, i can link to someone who has a great take on it. if it’s covering ground i’ve already talked about, it doesn’t need to be a long, it can quote what a lot of other great people have already said. huzzah! also, helps build bridges between other awesome writers and bloggers.
  3. ONCE A MONTH outfit posts: instead of every once in a while outfit posts of what i wore once, on one day (which i never end up doing) i’ll do something more in the style of the post i did with j. bee back in may or you know, back when we all posted in livejournal fashion communities like newestwrinkle and hotfashion. i’ll share a few of my favourite outfits i wore over the course of the month. for example, on november 1st, i will post a few of the best duds i sported during the month of october. it’ll be simpler and easier to do, and hopefully just as fun for my readers.
  4. RESPONDING TO COMMENTS/EMAILS: for the most part, people feel that comments are important here. i’ve always been a little hesitant to really take on the responsibility of responding to comments because it is time consuming and also often quite difficult when talking about political issues like feminism, racism, identity politics, etc. but! the main reason i moved to wordpress was to have better back and forth with my readers. i always read the comments, but now i will make more of a concerted effort to respond to them.

so that means i will be striving to make at least three posts a month. the article will of course be the most time consuming one, but i think that’s a manageable workload. we’ll see how it maps out in the coming months!

also, to make you groove while you read this pretty self-referencing post, i’m sharing two of my favourite songs with you. above, you’ll find the awesome twin sister video for all around and away we go to get your booty movin’. below, you’ll find the amazing voice of jennifer castle, who i am SO EXCITED to go see on monday night. enjoy and thanks again for your feedback!!!

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