october: what i wore this month

making good on my promises to you, dear reader, this month. it’s november 1st, so that means i owe you an outfit post. one big honkin’ outfit post. here are some of my favourite outfits from the month of october. fair warning – lots of photos ahead. click the photos for larger images. comment if you have any questions about specifics!

let’s go in chronological order, shall we? october started with some dreary grey days… and then all of the sudden, a heat wave! just in time for a lovely visit to petawawa.

october 2nd

oct 7th outfitoct 7 th

visiting my sisters in ottawa, october 7th

oct 9

on my uncle’s boat with my sister, october 9th

yeah, i can’t believe it either. i went swimming in the ottawa river in OCTOBER. it was incredible.

walking my sister’s awesome dog with justyne/hanging out with my other sister’s awesome cat, oct 10th

me in my office, wearing the best earrings of all time, oct 12th

this is pretty much my fall pallette, i wear a variation of this at least twice a week.

and i got a little decked out with my best friend to celebrate my blog’s 2 year anniversary.

october 15th, going to check out occupons québec. i love my old man pin, from my childhood in germany.

october 17th, monday writing dates with karina.

oct. 18th, birthday dinner for my best friend! i went a little overboard… what a lovely evening, though.

same shoes, different day.

oct. 23rd, one of my all-time favourite dresses, perfect for fall. plus, i accidentally matched a luxury hotel.

oct 24th, to go see jennifer castle and chad van gaalen.

thus ends my navel gazing! hope you enjoyed.


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21 responses to “october: what i wore this month

  1. I’m so happy that this is going to be a regular feature! You look amazing (OBVIOUSLY).

  2. Whoah, your hair is awesome!

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous in every single photo. I’m particularly in love with it in the October 15 photos. And the outfit – that cardigan is amazing. And the shoes from October 18. You just have the greatest style!

  4. janeanger

    Enjoyed thoroughly.

  5. shannon

    love your hair. and loooove that autumn floral dress. ahhh so lovely. it seems to fit you perfectly as well!

  6. You always look so nifty! I love your dresses, your bathing gear, that black and white number, and those oxfords! It’s all great, and you make it look even better. 😉

  7. sock garters! julia, you astound me.

  8. Ms Dorothy Damage

    You look fab! And you have given me ideas for my autumnal outfits… I didn’t realise that the crazy heatwave happened in Canada as well! We were sweltering here in London, it was hotter in October than it had been for most of the summer.

  9. timfranklin

    Woah! Pretty tacky outfits. I might be out of the loop, but is that the thing? It kind of has that “I’m really different and I express it by the clothes I wear”. As you can tell, I’m not much of a fan of that tendency with hipsters.

  10. I love your lady suits! Pink socks and saddle shoes! Sock garter! That picture in the mirror is fantastic, you look like such a sexy lady/man 😉 Mustard sweaters and bustier tank tops ❤ Love it. I need to just wear what I want more often, but mostly I'm lazy and stick with jeans.

    Random question, hope you won't mind, and hope it hasn't been answered a thousand times already–I know you don't shave your pits (neither do I), but why do you shave your legs? Just a preference? ^_^

    • timfranklin

      Shave your arm pits. Heck, I’m a guy…. and I shave mine. It’s unsightly and a poor foundation from which to launch a political/social statement.

      • tim franklin, i’ve warned you before, refrain from insulting my readers or i will delete your comments. if you dislike the conversations taking place here, please take your rude comments elsewhere.

    • hahah thanks! i’m glad you like my style.

      i don’t mind your question! i was actually thinking of writing about it lately… generally when it comes to my own body hair, it’s a matter of personal preference. i don’t usually shave my pits even though i know some people in my life would prefer i do (i have maybe a handful of times over the past 6 years) but i still shave my legs every once in a while, once a month or so.

      over the years i’ve become a lot less of the “shaving is horrible! patriarchal! misogynistic!” camp and more of a “shaving should really be a matter of personal preference.” that said, that does not excuse women who choose to shave shaming those who choose not to, or vice versa. i think it’s important to be conscious of the fact that women are told they HAVE to shave, and for many it is a matter of personal resistance. but! at the end of the day,

      • Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I don’t even understand what Tim up there was trying to say! Though I am proud to not shave; it is largely a matter of personal preference. AKA I don’t want to/Don’t have to/And it saves me a lot of time and money. The statement about being apart from the social norms is just an unintended (maybe not completely) result. I totally think it’s fine if someone wants to do it, enjoys it, whatever–but I was curious since you generally do take a pretty hard line on feminist topics, heck just social justice in general! People have all sorts of choices to make nowadays, and this is a pretty inconsequential one unless it has a lot of significance to you. (Like feeling shame if you do or do not shave, or feeling forced to do it or not do it…)

      • Oh, and the only reason I noticed anyway was because I really love that photo of you standing in the colorful leaves with those sweet shoes. So I was looking at that one close up a lot. ❤ Eye candy!

  11. So many wonderful outfits, Julia – what do I comment on? I love the mustard sweater (I’m knitting one for myself in a similar colour, though a rather different style) and that you matched a luxury hotel (accidentally – even better!) and the SOCK GARTERS! Amazing.
    -Andi x

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