november: what i wore this month

nov  26thanyone in canada can tell you we’ve had a surprisingly mild winter so far. usually, in québec city, we can expect our first snowfall in early november. this year, however, we’ve been holding off the snow for the most part – in fact, i think i’ve only see three little snowfalls that have hardly lasted. so obviously this has had a huge impact on how i’ve been dressing! i’m always happy to stave off the winter boots a wee bit longer.

without further ado, here’s a selection of some of my favourite november outfits.

on my way to see sandro perri & ryan driver at l’agitée, a really really fantastic show. impossible spaces is definitely one of my favourite albums of 2011!

visiting a strange hotel in ste foy to celebrate my partner’s sister’s birthday

hands down my favourite outfit of the month. one of my favourite vintage dresses, paired with backseam tights, my ox-blood t-strap heels.

nov 7


you’ll see a theme coming along now… i mostly wear the same coat every day, and i kind of love it. automatic glamour.
nov 7

nov 9th
nov 9th. i wish i had a better photo of this outfit, but take my word for it, i looked badass. 1940s black dress with lace detail, paired with faux lace grey and white tights and boots. i can’t remember why i felt like dressing up but i’ll definitely put it together again.

nov 10th
nov 10th. this was the day a bunch of kids yelled “hé la fille gothique!” at me. definitely never been called a goth before!

nov 10th
highlight of my november? my babely sisters coming to visit! here we are in the oldest cemetary in quebec city. notice that a tree has grown around a gravestone?!

nov 11th
we went for dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town (by my account!), moine échanson, and had like a three course décadent soirée. it’s important to spoil yourself every once in a while! and this is where i like to do it.

nov 11th wearing patterned tights over coloured tights is totally where it’s at.

nov 11th

nov 11th

can you guess what i’m trying to channel/what we were listening to? we were celebrating 11:11:11

nov 12th
the first snowfall! in front of my house.

nov 14thnov 14th
not the best photo, but those are some fun new tights!

nov 15th
yup! still biking in november!

nov 15th

nov 16th
nov 16th

nov 17th
nov 17th

nov 18th
nov 18th

nov 20th

nov 20th

nov 20th

nov 21st
at my writing date with karina, nov 21st

nov 21st

nov 22nd
new pencil skirt i scored for A DOLLAR. man i miss good thrift stores.

nov 25th
my fancy little suitcase, quick trip to montreal for expozine!

nov 25th

nov 26th
at expozine! fun times.

nov 27th
BEST TIMES EVER. hanging out with sves, simon, and a KITTEN.

nov 28th
you can’t tell in this photo but those tights are SO good.

nov 28th

nov 30th - outdoor
this was the day a woman stopped me in the streets and insisted i was from a time travel machine.

nov 30th - 1
daisies daisies everywhere.

there you go! woah! lots of photos.


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19 responses to “november: what i wore this month

  1. You have quite an impressive collection of outerwear!

  2. Another lot of great outfits – that coat is fantastic and I can see why you wear it nearly every day. You’re right about the ‘instant glamour’. And the $1 pencil skirt is fantastic – looks great on you. I miss good thrift stores (op shops), too. I managed to pick up a whole bunch of coats/jackets for $3 each, in preparation for next winter, because the Salvos stores were having a sale but the non-sale prices were all $20/30! Also, I really love that close-up photo of you wearing the spotted shirt and ice-skate brooch – great lighting.
    -Andi x

    • i wanted to do some research into how thrift stores have changed in the last ten years! most of my evidence is anecdotal, but i have really found the prices have skyrocketed… as the need increases! slightly off topic, but one day i hope we get to do some intercontinental thrifting…

      and thanks for the compliments babe! i like that you like the slightly drunken bathroom self-portrait, accidentally awesome lighting, i could not resist. can you tell i have my camera on me at all times?

      • That would be quite interesting – and I agree. Prices have definitely skyrocketed, especially at the bigger ones like Salvation Army & Goodwill stores but some of the smaller (still church run) shops have stayed nearly the same. And, yes! That would be wonderful. I really hope that, too. 🙂

  3. I find your photos very inspiring: even though I’ve lived through those winters all my life (and I live in Montreal), I just never know what to wear when it’s below, say, 5 C. You’re right, with those winters, a good collection of coats is not a luxury. Also, this is a bit out of the blue, but I had a chair exactly like the one in the Nov. 9th picture in my house growing up… is yours a rocking chair? It’s fairly rare to find replicas with antiques, I couldn’t help but mention it!

    • it is hard to dress for the cold! in the winter months i basically live in my sorels but they’re so clunky. sometimes you just gotta go with what keeps you warm, but i have to take care of myself in the winter months so i don’t get too depressed, and feeling like i look good is definitely part of that. i haven’t splurged on any of my coats (been lucky enough to thrift most of them for under $30) but i think i would if i hadn’t found ones that fit/were my style.

      ah! and the chair! it’s not a rocking chair, but it’s an antique. definitely québécois, so that’s probably what it looks familiar. my partner’s mother collects a bit of antique furniture in saint anselme de bellechasse, and we get whatever she doesn’t really need in her home anymore.

  4. Beautiful lady, beautiful and creative outfits. I’m especially in love with those black and white shoes.

    • thanks! i bought them in a market in mexico, it was easily the most beautiful shoe store i’d ever seen. since i don’t speak much spanish i had a hard time trying to buy them, the saleman was certain i was buying them for a boyfriend or husband, not for me! 🙂

  5. Your tight layering has inspired me! I need to get some patterned lace tights now haha.

  6. What a wonderful month! Can’t wait for December’s post!

  7. OMG you are such a babe. this is totally the inspiration i needed to stop wearing the same outfit every other day (which looks like pajamas) and start feeling fabulous!


  8. Emma

    I love love love your style. Inspiration at every visit. I particularly enjoy your tights and how your dresses are subtly sexy- Unique and glamorous yet conservative. So few ladies manage to achieve that nowadays. It’s also nice to see oufit posts by someone who actually doesn’t have seemingly unlimited funds or time to change three times a day, but has to live a real life in the outfits she puts together. Please keep it up!

  9. That coat is really so fabulous, and I love all of your old two tone oxford style/spectator whatever shoes. I think that day with the kitten must have been so special–you look happy! I wish I was from a time travel machine. 😉

  10. ashlee

    Which bookstore or library were you in? It looks wonderful!

    • i don’t think it was open before you moved! it’s on la rue st. jean – called la librarie st. jean. really nice place to hang out, always interesting conversations going on and nice people who say hello and goodbye even if you’ve never met. we’ll go when you’re in town!

  11. such amazing outfits- you make what must be frigid cold canadian winters seem so glamorous! I feel inspired to go bundle up and be fab as well! by the way- where did you score the awesome gigantic cat’s eye-esque glasses? thanks, as always for a great post 🙂

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