my favourite clothes are free clothes

may 1st julia

me in my neighbourhood on may 1st, 2012

it looks like i unceremoniously ended my commitment to share outfit photos with you guys on a regular basis here… partly because of the massive time commitment and work involved, but because i’ve been rethinking what it means to flood the internet with images of myself… but that’s topic for another post. right now, i feel pretty excited about my warddrobe. the changing of the seasons will do that to someone who lives in a climate of extremes! last week, a big part of my spring cleaning involved taking my summer dresses out of suitcases and putting my winter scarves, coats and woolly garments away. this ironically coincided with a heat wave! it feels like summer in may.

julia wearing her jean jacket

my new (free) jean jacket in my very pink and blue neighbourhood

i wasn’t the only one doing spring cleaning, though. coworkers of mine were clearing out the work closet and there were a few unclaimed stragglers. after a few days/emails, they were deemed officially up for grabs. most weren’t my style, but i tried some on anyway… and found the jean jacket i never knew i lusted for. it fits me like a glove and makes me feel super tough. i seriously own next to no denim (after having spent my teens basically living in jeans) so it’s a really nice change. great for spring evening bike rides!

julia wearing a green 1960s dress with a short beehive.

trying new things with my hair, as i’m way overdue for a trim

following the trend of free garments: i’ve had this dress for about two years, but have never worn it! when i volunteered at le vestiaire, a local thrift store, we were “paid” by basically having first dibs on the clothes we sold. for someone like myself who loves variety, it was ideal. i could take home a dress one day and if i didn’t absolutely love it, i could bring it back my next shift. my closet definitely expanded a bit too much during that time! i put this handmade vintage garment aside at some point, and must have lost sight of it in the shuffle. i don’t know why it took me so long to rock this dress because it’s definitely a new favourite. my necklace was a gift from my friend salima.

green dress and hair down

when i say “next to no demin” i literally mean you see all the denim i own in this post. that black denim pencil skirt was a gift from a friend, and this shirt is what i THOUGHT was denim… that is, until i read the latest issue of WORN, i realized it is in fact chambray. (i’ll be making a post about some of the best magazines i’ve read lately, and WORN is among them!)

blue dress and my little pony graffiti

posing with my favourite my little pony stencil

speaking of worn, this is one of my softest most worn-in dresses… so much so that i wear it quite rarely for fear it will soon end in tatters. i’ve shown it to you guys before, in april 2010! and that my little pony stencil at my feet? one of my favourite things about québec city is the abundant street art. these particular guys have been around for about a year now. i did a short radio piece on them last year, which you can listen to here.

last but not least, one little photo from april when i was visiting one of my best friends, morgan, in kelowna. it did my heart so much good to spend time with some of my favourite people when i had time off in april, and i’m so grateful to have such generous and loving people in my life.

i’m posting this on the train. i’m on my way to visit my sisters in ottawa, go to my younger sister’s bachelorette party and celebrate my older sister’s birthday! so expect a bid of radio silence. june holds many adventures for me, too!


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11 responses to “my favourite clothes are free clothes

  1. I love all these outfits! And you have some of the cutest shoes too.

  2. TOO MUCH CUTE! I loveeee the blue dress and those fabulous blue-ish shoes! Cute!!! Great clothes and lovely photos!

  3. free is the best price!

  4. Taking forever to comment on this because I love allllll these outfits. And you look amazing in that denim jacket! But I think in terms of photos the last one is my favourite.

    • i’m glad you like them andi! i agree in terms of photos, too – i really wanted to play around with the white picket fences more (can’t help but think of blue velvet by david lynch) but i didn’t have my tripod with me and it was more challenging than i thought!

  5. Lovely, as always. It’s always funny to think of “choice” in terms of what we’re exposed to, whether it’s treasure-finds of pre-owned stuff or what the apparel manufacturing industry picks out for us.

    I’m curious to hear your thoughts re outfit photos. I hesitate to say I “struggle” with the conflicting feelings I have about them since it’s such a strong word, but I definitely have conflicting feelings. On one hand, I like that it’s a log of items worn/hairstyles had and that you can seat other activities in that context which then pushes those topics into a wider range (let’s be honest, outift pictures are often peeped at in voyeuristic ways). But then there’s all the resulting feelings of borderline narcissism and/or resultant share-shame.

    • i’m actually working on an article about the really negative side of sharing photos online (receiving threats and being sexually harrassed/fetishized) but feel like it’s not quite ready yet.

      i feel like i’ve touched a bit on my own resistance to letting myself be “shamed” about being vain or full of myself, over here:

      but lately what i’ve been wondering is what it means to be one of the thousands of fashion bloggers who fits into a pretty narrow idea of what style and body politics are like in this realm. i want to create and foster more space for variety, and wonder what it means to be putting images of myself that kind of fit with what is already out there, you know? i don’t think it comes down to individualized actions in certain regards but i think it’s part of it (as a femme-presenting mostly dress/vintage wearing white relatively thin abled-bodied young woman). i feel like i have to digest it a bit more before i can communicate my (conflicting) feelings clearly. there is definitely an aspect of finding the balance of wanting to document my warddrobe/style choices vs. worrying about wasting time/energy into something that is frivolous. why do i feel it might be frivolous? why do i look/enjoy other people’s dedication to documenting their warddrobe? how have my questions about this changed since it has become far more commonplace for people to do so?

      phew! i did not mean for that to be so long-winded! thanks for reading as always jesse!

  6. all your shoes are so perfect. i would LOVE to talk more about vanity/resistance/fashion blogging with you. let’s have tea!

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