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currently: kicking ass and taking names

let’s keep this short and sweet: i’m in toronto right now with some really fantastic old friends i never get to see and having a really fantastic time. i’ve crossed paths with so many wonderful people i’ve known over the years, surreal is the best word to describe this feeling.

this photo above? really quick self-portrait i took in cabaret vintage, my absolute favourite vintage clothing shop. i hadn’t been there in years and was happy to waste an hour admiring gorgeous hats and wonderful suits, gowns, bowties. toronto was briefly my home in 2008, but it suits me much better as a place to visit. i appreciate it much better that way.

but this post isn’t about toronto! it’s about cool shit happening on the internet i think you’d like to check out. speaking of admiring vintage wares, lately i’ve been pondering what it means to buy used/thrifted for the most part. i have some blog posts in the works around those ideas, but almost felt like these next two posts beat me to the punch!

chloe lum of scroungy glamour

a few weeks back i re-discovered chloe lum on twitter and found her blog. not gonna lie, i’m a minor former fangirl – she makes incredible art and seeing AIDS Wolf when i was a teenager kinda changed my life. i’ve torn old posters of hers off of sign posts and had them on my university dorm room walls back in the day. i always kind of looked up to chloe when i first started going to shows, half terrified of her, and half wanting to be her. i didn’t have too many role models as a young girl in a scene dominated by straight white dudes most of the time. aaaaand now i’m telling this to the internet and am already embarrassing myself…

tout ça pour dire! she has a blog and it’s awesome. i just read this post after having spent a good hour writing about very similar questions, wondering what you can do when you hate the way clothes are made and sold and marketed to you, but love clothing. i don’t know if you guys have noticed but that’s kind of the main reason i started this blog. chloe’s post on thrifting as refusal asks a lot of the same questions:

Now don’ get me wrong , I’m not naive and I don’t see buying second hand as revolutionary act or anything but it *is* a way to keep money out of the hands of folks like Richard Hayne and clothes out of landfills. While that’s far from everything , it *is* something. Right?

Beyond that it’s a refusal of buying “cool” and instead scrounging it , making it , building it , finding it , swapping it and defining it on a personal level.

in a similar vein, iris over at the always awesome bossy femme just posted this: not buying it – disposable fashion. i definitely relate to a lot of her conundrums:

I know that a $5 tank top can’t be manufactured ethically, but I often can’t afford to pay more. I really don’t like this. It sucks when being “broke” in Canada means having to support retailers that undoubtedly are perpetuating poverty globally. I’d really like to hear from any of you who have thought about how to negotiate this…

there are already some great conversations going on over in the comments, and you should go and chime in! how do you find a balance? how important is it that your warddrobe is a reflection of how you live your life otherwise, consuming consciously?

last but not least, recently i’ve gotten quite a few emails asking me for more blog recommendations, usually along the lines of “where are the people of colour/queer folks/disabled folks? where are the folks who blog about the intersection of their identities with fashion/feminism?” my answer is pretty much “not sure,” unfortunately. that is not to say those voices and stories don’t exist, but they are often hard to find and get lost in the shuffle.

luckily, two of my favourite internet friends, chelsea and cassie, are working to change that. they are turning frustrations about not seeing themselves reflected in the media, whether it be the blogosphere or the tv shows they love, into an awesome project. and they want you! here’s their callout:

Calling for those interested in creating a teen mag/mag for young women: Chelsea and I are going to start an online magazine with a strong emphasis on young girls and women of color, trans girls, disabled girls, non-heteronormative girls, queer girls, fat girls, mentally ill girls, etc etc.

We (…) are interested in whatever capacity you are willing to help. Please tell us if you are interested in writing, designing, doing artwork, creating, organizing, CSS/flash coding or something you would like to do that we haven’t listed.

Anybody who is interested, get at us by sending us an e-mail at untitledteenmag@gmail.com. Thanks!

they are also encouraging people interested in contributing/reading to fill out this survey over here. keep your eyes peeled for this awesome project! i can’t wait to see how things work out.

happy reading!




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currently: fighting the urge to high-five and/or lick computer screens

excuse the sloppy graphic, i just needed some visuals to accompany my latest post. i come to you with yet more reading assignments, but this time paired with a bit of eye-candy. today i came across yet another great read courtesy of minh-ha t. pham (of threadbared, Of Another Fashion and all around badass self) was published at the Ms. Magazine‘s blog today, entitled If the Clothes Fit: A Feminist Takes on Fashion. here’s just a little taste:

If fashion has been used to introduce new ways of expressing womanhood, it has also been a tether that keeps women’s social, economic and political opportunities permanently attached to their appearances. At a time when makeover reality TV shows suggest that self-reinvention is not only desirable but almost required, and the ubiquity of social media encourages everyone to develop a “personal brand,” the pressure on women to be fashionable has never been more pervasive.

as with most of pham’s writing, i find myself resisting the urge to high-five my computer screen, and exclaim, “SO TRUE!” because it is! read it! it’s a fantastic argument in favour of fashion being accepted as a feminist issue, but seen as an integral part of identity politics. it also shines the spotlight on the important work a lot of online cultural critics (aka bloggers) have done to hold the fashion industry accountable for its missteps. it reinspires me at a time where i’ve been admittedly jaded about the state of fashion blogs, and frustrated by which ones get attention, and for what reasons… but here, pham puts us in mind of the major successes that can be credited to many fashion blogs. it’s also another excuse for me to re-read why i argued there was a need for feminist fashion blogs back in 2009.

it’s also one of the first articles on the subject i’ve read that adequately addresses race and class issues… others on the same topic (fashion! feminism! yes you can like both!) are worth reading as well, but a lot of times i find myself sighing at how cliché they tend to be. not only that, but how frustrating it is to be asked “how can fashion be feminist?” more times than i can count, and how difficult it is to answer that in a succinct and direct manner. but one thing pham accomplishes where i feel other writers have failed is shifting the focus away from straight white cis women who call themselves fashion lovers AND feminists. of course fashion can be a feminist issue for straight white cis women (even she cites the example of first wave feminists and suffragettes wore certain colours in their fight for the right to vote… but the right for rich, white women to vote), but not at the expense or erasure of the multitudes of other kinds of people who use fashion as a form of resistance, empowerment, and survival. i’m rambling, that’s how excited i am about this article. i’ll just end by saying that i can’t wait until we can move forward from arguing that fashion is a feminist issue to simply accepting that as a fact.

onto a slightly different topic now…

a screencap from the style.com website that reads FASHION SHOWS pre-fall 2012 Jazz Babies: bloggers are the new flappers at alberta ferretti's pre-fall show

a screencap from style.com calling bloggers the new flappers

i was initially tempted to click on the link for alberta ferretti’s pre-fall 2012 collection because of style.com’s tagline “bloggers are the new flappers.” my furrowed brow told me i had to find out more… sadly, what they really meant was alberta ferretti’s runway models included models, some celebrities, actresses, singers, even celebrities’ children… and three bloggers. who i’ve never heard of (but that might say more about my fashion blog frequenting than anything else). a more apt tagline would be “three bloggers walk the runway in flapper inspired outfits.” as much as i wish fashion bloggers were the new flappers, i don’t think the description fits… not even a little bit.

alberta ferretti pre-fall 2012alberta ferretti pre-fall 2012

alberta ferretti pre-fall 2012alberta ferretti pre-fall 2012

that said! i still REALLY loved some of the dresses. you know how good i would look in that purple one! and i’m such a sucker for cloche hats, even if these ones slightly resemble horse blinders. overall the collection is far too fur heavy for my stomach’s taste, but it is worth a look, and features some really beautiful garments. and shoes!

…speaking of unusual suspects popping up on the runway, these .gifs have been burning like wildfire through tumblr. and for good reason! check out willem dafoe, gary oldman, and many other babely actors looking dapper as fuck while modelling (acting?) in prada’s fall 2012 runway show. as prada could top enlisting my favourite pouter michael pitt as the face of their menswear collectiong! so before they get lost in the usual shuffle, i thought some of my readers might appreciate having them here.

you can see them all here if that tickles your fancy.

i should leave it at that! i’ve also got lots in the works for the coming months, more ideas than i can flesh out! and never enough time! but stay tuned for more posts in the coming weeks. as always, you can follow me elsewhere on facebook and twitter.


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