why it exists:

Instead of just bitching and complaining about the prevalence of pretty and lack of savvy substance, I decided to borrow the idea from activist communities: if you want something to exist or change and it doesn’t, do it yourself. This blog will be a place where I explore political notions of fashion (without using too much inaccessible jargon) and engage with my readership. The intention is to give voice to feminist concerns about fashion, to deconstruct, and to celebrate how liberating and exciting fashion can be for people.

what to call it:

Also, a lot of people are a bit confused by my blog name, what it means, how to spell it, and the proper referencing. For the record, à la garçonnière or à l’allure garçonniere are the correct spelling/references (it would have been garconniere for simplicity’s sake but you know how those phantom bloggers are). My name is julia but i don’t mind being quoted as “garçonnière.” I create all of the content unless otherwise stated.

But! why à la garçonnière? It comes from one of my favourite pieces of writing by Mary Louise Roberts, Samson and Delilah Revisited: The Politics of Women’s Fashion in 1920s France:

Important to the popularity of the bob was the 1922 publication of Victor Margueritte’s novel La garçonne, about a young “modern woman” who rejects her bourgeois family, cuts her hair, adopts male dress, and leads a “liberated” life in Paris.

According to René Rambaud, the novel, which became an overnight best seller, inspired young women throughout France to cut their hair and to follow the new style “a l’allure garçonnière.” After 1922, the new styles were associated particularly with the young, sexy, independent “garçonne” or “femme moderne.”

how to contact me:

If you have any questions, concerns, tips, or pointers, you can contact me:

juliacaron AT gmail DOT com.

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  1. I read your stuff. Do you see anything improving in our world? Thanks.

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