whirlwind of springtime: announcements!

julia on a bike

in the whirlwind of the spring, the sunny days, friends moving away, not to mention working full-time… my poor lonely blog has gotten lost in the shuffle. now! don’t go thinking i’ve abandoned you. it is not because of lack of inspiration or writing fodder, but rather, lack of time (as i have written about before). let’s keep this post short and sweet: i am working three jobs right now. two, i’ve been working since the fall. the third is brand new and very exciting.

facebook icon that reads À L'ALLURE GARÇONNIÈRE

after two and a half years selling vintage clothes online, i am now officially selling them in a real brick and mortar store! if you’re ever in québec city, stop by and check it out. Boutique Lucia F is a great independent store that i am really excited to be a part of. this is something i have wanted to do for ages and it feels really nice. here are some photos of the store and my clothes in it!

you can now “like” me on Facebook. at the moment, i am mostly posting about the vintage clothes i am selling Boutique Lucia F, but soon i hope to use Facebook as a way of showcasing my writing as well (inspired by how amber shares her posts online). i’ve got my fair share of mixed feelings about Facebook but i think for networking and resources it can’t really be ignored anymore.

so that’s a very quick update about my life! soon, i hope to share articles here about everything to being a queer femme slut to why there is no such thing as “bathing suit season” or a “bikini body.”

stay badass,



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3 responses to “whirlwind of springtime: announcements!

  1. illusclaire

    Hurry back(but don’t rush, of course)!

  2. you always make me wish we lived closer so we could be best friends and shop together and ride bikes and talk about feminism and body shaming and body positivity and queering femininity and and and. i miss you! even on the very limited internet level on which all our interactions exist!

  3. Joy

    Sweet goodies! I love this!

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